How To Prevent Car Theft In Ontario

Close up of a person wearing gloves grabbing a car door handle of a black coupe

Over the past decade, car theft in Ontario has been on the rise. From 2014 to 2021, the rate of car theft has increased by 72% percent (according to Ontario Newsroom) and an alarming total of 9,771 cars were stolen in 2022 in Toronto alone. This hike in crime can be attributed to factors such as advances in car stealing technology that allow thieves to hijack a car within 30 seconds and difficult economic times.

Given the rising prevalence of car theft, car owners have to take a proactive approach to ensure the protection of, arguably, their most prized possession(s).

5 Tips To Prevent Car Break-Ins

Here are five simple ways you can limit your risk of car theft (if we’re being honest, you should already be doing all of these things). 

  1. Lock your doors and keep your keys in a safe space
  2. Completely roll up your windows
  3. Try to park your car in your garage or storage space whenever possible
  4. Don’t leave eye-catching valuables in your car like bags, jewelry, phones or other expensive electronics
  5. Avoid parking your vehicle in high-crime areas.

The days of feeling safe leaving your car keys in your car are over.  By following these five simple tips you can reduce your risk of car theft. While this might seem tedious at first, following best practices is crucial to avoid becoming another statistic. 

Here are some more elaborate preventative strategies that you, as a car owner, can use to thwart potential thieves. 

Implement an Anti-Theft Security System

A strong line of defence against car theft is a robust anti-theft system. Invest in a quality alarm system, steering wheel lock, or kill switch to deter thieves and make it significantly more challenging for thieves to get away with your vehicle. 

General Car Alarm System 

A car alarm system is designed to deter theft and unauthorized access to your vehicle. It typically consists of sensors strategically placed around the vehicle, triggered by unauthorized entry. When activated, a loud siren or horn goes off, alerting the owner and nearby individuals to the potential threat. The loud sound calls attention to any potential criminal activity and encourages a would-be thief to look elsewhere.  

Safewise lists these car alarm systems as the most effective alarm systems to prevent theft. 

Steering Wheel Lock 

A steering wheel lock jams the steering wheel, preventing it from being turned or maneuvered. If a thief manages to get past an alarm system or chooses to ignore it, this anti-theft device adds another layer of protection against theft. The lock is easy to install, typically requiring placement over the steering wheel and locking it into position. You can also consider getting a tire or break lock to add more physical deterrents. 

You can find a steering wheel lock at your local brand hardware store, such as Canadian Tire, Home Depot and Walmart. 

Kill Switch 

A kill switch acts as a counter against unauthorized access to your car and hotwiring attempts.

This hidden switch is connected to essential components, such as the ignition coil or fuel pump, and requires a specific action, such as flipping a hidden toggle or pressing a button, to enable the vehicle to start. Compared to the options above, a kill switch is generally more of a last resort. If you’re interested in this option, speak to an auto mechanic or car locksmith service about it. 

Many modern cars come equipped with some security features out of the box, but if you’d like an upgrade, consider adding them via third-party manufacturers. 

Register Your Car with a Recovery GPS Service

In the unfortunate event that your car is stolen, an installed GPS could help you recover it.  Recovery GPS services can track and locate your car in real-time, increasing your chances of a swift recovery. Registering for such a service helps authorities act promptly when an emergency strikes, minimizing potential damage or loss. Most of these services have a dedicated tracking team available 24/7 and can employ emergency dispatch vehicles to retrieve your car. 

Below are some potential Recovery GPS Services you can choose from. 

Invest in Neighbourhood Watch Security Services to Prevent Car Theft 

Another way to avoid becoming a part of the growing list of car theft victims is to sign up for our Neighbourhood Watch security services.

A black Flex Point Security vehicle patrolling in a neighbourhood complex 

Neighborhood watch service programs are community-driven initiatives focused on enhancing local safety and security, including the prevention of car theft. Typically organized by residents within a specific neighbourhood, these programs involve collaborative efforts to observe, report, and prevent criminal activities. Our security team usually patrols during high-risk hours in the evening, using techniques such as neighbourhood watch barriers and CCTV monitoring systems to crack down on crime.

Flex Point Security can protect your car from being stolen. Visit our Neighbourhood Watch Security page for more information on how we can protect your neighbourhood. For a specific quote, visit our Contact Us page, where you can also inquire about a custom security package as well as other services we provide.