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Years of comprehensive, knowledgeable experience in the security industry. As a result, our extensively trained, licensed staff:

  • are able to make swift, accurate evaluations of environments and situations
  • prepare effective strategies accordingly
  • are specialists in property protection, threat assessment and de-escalation
  • serve as an authoritative yet subtle presence

Flex Point Security provides bespoke, quality security services. Each contract is crafted to meet your specific requirements:

  • duration of service
  • style of security
  • independent needs or work seamlessly with your team
  • large or small sites
  • long or short term
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Ultimately, Flex Point Security is motivated by these objectives: to mitigate risk for our clients; to ensure their personal safety; to protect and safeguard their property; and to guarantee them peace of mind. It’s that simple.

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We’re committed to:
  • using the most current, proven techniques in property-protection, risk-mitigation, threat-assessment, and de-escalation
  • offering the most effective customized security strategy possible to each client
  • providing each client with a clear, concise contract
  • serving each client with the highest level of preparedness and professionalism
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The goal is to provide a distinct level of value for every client’s security program. By understanding which services are needed, the amount of time necessary, type of resource that should be deployed and level of execution required, we work to design your security program in a customized fashion. Ultimately, the result should be a cost-effective security solution for your roster of assets, all under one company umbrella.

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