About US

Our Experience

We have a combined 30+ years of comprehensive, knowledgeable experience in the security industry. As a result, our extensively trained, licensed staff:
  • are able to make swift, accurate evaluations of environments and situations and prepare effective strategies accordingly
  • are specialists in property-protection, threat-assessment and de-escalation – principles which serve as the foundation of our training
  • provide dependable, trustworthy customized on-site security for one day, one month, or longer – entirely depending on a client’s particular needs
  • can work on-site as part of a small Flex Point team or a large one – again, entirely depending on a client’s particular needs
  • serve as an authoritative yet subtle presence that lets everyone know: this place/person/situation/event is protected
Furthermore, we have considerable courtroom conduct and procedure experience. Should a security situation ultimately require it, our clients can rest assured knowing that we will be fully prepared (with detailed notes) when testifying on their behalf, and confident and comfortable on the stand.

Our Motivation

Ultimately, Flex Point Security is motivated by these objectives: to mitigate risk for our clients; to ensure their personal safety; to protect and safeguard their property; and to guarantee them peace of mind. It’s that simple.

Our Commitment

We’re committed to:
  • using the most current, proven techniques in property-protection, risk-mitigation, threat-assessment, and de-escalation
  • offering the most effective customized security strategy possible to each client
  • providing each client with a clear, concise contract
  • serving each client with the highest level of preparedness and professionalism