Residential and Condo Security

On-Site Presence

We provide a visible, on-site, and in-person security staff for your residence. Every residence has its own security challenges, ranging from tenant disputes to noise complaints, parking issues and everything in between. The Flex Point Security staff are trained to de-escalate conflict, anticipate dangerous situations and ensure a reliable security presence exists to help protect your property and home.  

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Benefits of Residential Security Services

There’s a comfort that comes from knowing your investment is protected. It’s our job to bring you that peace of mind, and do it right. Here are a few reasons how:

  • Your home is kept safe
  • Uninterrupted lifestyle
  • Low-cost safety solution
  • Deter petty criminals
  • Monitor against loitering 
  • Safe space created for families
  • Customized security needs

Customized Residential Security

One of the advantages of working with Flex Point Security is your ability to customize your security service for one or multiple properties. Perhaps it’s more practical to invest in off-site Digital Surveillance, or maybe it’s more worthwhile to utilize our Mobile Patrol solutions. Maybe you have a roster of properties that requires a few services and creating a mixed security program makes most sense. Regardless, it’s all about creating a custom experience that works for you. Let’s work together to figure out what that looks like and how we can deliver it.

Residential Security Service Features

Earning your trust is top-of-mind. That’s why all of our guards are licensed and certified. Ultimately, it’s about arming our professionals with the skills and equipment needed to ensure the safety of your property. Here’s what you can count on with a Flex Point Security guard:

  • Fully Licensed 
  • Industry experience
  • Presence of mind and situational awareness
  • Problem solving and team collaboration
  • Passion and sense of duty
  • De-escalation training and conflict resolution

Do you have particular security needs? We will work together to understand what type of security arrangement works best for you. Contact us for a free quote.

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