Neightbourhood Watch Security

Protect Your Family and Home

We offer neighbourhood watch services to help keep your community safe. Our team of professional guards works closely with you, members of your community and law enforcement to identify and prevent threats to your home. Our services include mobile patrols of the neighbourhood, CCTV monitoring, residential concierge, immediate alarm response and working with residents to establish a communication network for reporting suspicious activity. We have experience protecting gated communities and low-income neighbourhoods alike. We work to protect you by:

  • Preventing car theft – today, using advanced technology it only takes a car thief 20-30 seconds to steal a car. However, with Flex Point security patrolling your neighbourhood a would-be thief won’t make it far.
  • Prevent break-ins – Toronto has seen an alarming rise in break-ins in the past year and the only clear way to reduce crime in the city is to hire high visibility patrols. With Flex Point Security mobile and foot patrols you can rest easy knowing that there will always be a trained professional on your block to deter and protect against intruders.
  • Prevent robbery –  Sadly a robbery can happen at any time anywhere. However hiring highly-visible, professional guards significantly reduces robbery in any given neighborhood. Once a would-be robber sees a professional guard on patrol they realize that there is too much risk involved and quickly move on.
A white Flex Point Security vehicle patroling a neighbourhood at night

How to Prevent Theft

Theft and other crimes are illegal however, this alone doesn’t act as a deterrent to those who are determined to steal. Determined criminals often:

  • Choose a target with high value items i.e. expensive cars
  • Target those who seem easy to rob i.e. communities with no security
  • Create a plan with minimal risk so that they don’t get caught

As soon as a criminal sees a security patrol vehicle making their rounds they walk away. For this reason, neighbourhood watch security is the only true deterrent to criminals that might be targeting your home and family.

Cutting-Edge Technology

At Flex Point we are constantly innovating the security industry with modern crime prevention technology. A few of the bleeding-edge services that we offer include:

  • Home dispatch – if you hear a strange noise at night or notice a suspicious person in your neighborhood you can call us directly to dispatch our team to the investigate the issue.
  • Omni-cam – this is a 360° camera attached to our security vehicles that captures all suspicious activity in an area. It works to deter crime and document any criminal activity.

For access to this and more contact us today for a free consultation and quote.

A black Flex Point Security vehicle patrolling in a neighbourhood complex


Investing in security to protect your home and family is a big decision, which why you should only hire trustworthy professionals. See what our other clients have to say about our security and customer service.

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