Parking Enforcement

An Extra Layer of Security

Parking enforcement can help prevent and manage disorderly behaviours on property premises. Flex Point Security provides parking enforcement services – with enforcement staff authorized to issue municipal infraction notices on private properties in Toronto and Mississauga.

Our job is to facilitate your peace of mind by maintaining traffic flow, enhancing public safety, ensuring access to parking for authorized personal like guests, customers and staff.

Flex Point Security guard writing a parking infraction notice as he is licensed as a Contract Certified Officer

Parking Enforcement Benefits

Having a licensed and trained parking enforcement staff to rely on adds a level of safely to your premises and security program. Our security staff are licensed as Contract Certified Officers. This designation is authorized by each municipality in the GTA, allowing our team to issue parking infraction notices for specific offenses.

Here are some positives to adding a licensed officer to your security program:

  • Fire Route monitoring
  • Ensuring valid permits on private property
  • Overseeing parking in non-designated areas on private property
  • Upholding lawful parking for designated disabled parking spaces
  • Tag and tow of vehicles parked blocking required exits

Customized Parking Enforcement

Have you thought about adding parking enforcement services to your security program? Perhaps you have certain hours where more or less security is needed or maybe just adding a licensed authority adds value to your property’s daily operations. Flex Point Security will work to understand your particular security requirements and create a catered and customized security plan for you. Tell us more.

A male Flex Point Security guard issuing a municipal parking enforcement infraction notice in Toronto


Investing in security to protect your home and family is a big decision, which why you should only hire trustworthy professionals. See what our other clients have to say about our security and customer service.

Getting Started With Flex Point Security

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4. Enjoy – enjoy your new security and peace of mind

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