CCTV Security

Proactive Protection

Most CCTV security programs provide limited value in the form of grainy black and white footage. This alone is a poor deterrent to burglary and other criminal mischief. We take a proactive approach with live HD monitoring. Coupled with our immediate alarm response we are able to protect your property against threats as they arise. We provide holistic installation and monitoring for both residential and commercial properties. Combine state-of-the-art technology with our expert security team and rest easy.

Flex Point Security's CCTV video alarm system response team sitting in an office with monitors

CCTV Benefits

Consult with us to gain access to our proactive CCTV services including:

  • Live fire and intrusion monitoring
  • Full home security installation
  • Fixed and remote control cameras
  • Solar powered cameras for construction sites and remote locations
  • First rate customer support

Customized Security

Are you considering adding live, remote surveillance to your security program? Tell us more about your situation and we will design a custom package that will exceed your expectations.

Two CCTV cameras installed on a platform overlooking a building

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