Mobile Patrol Security

Security Guard & Patrol Services

At Flex Point Security, we understand there is no replacement for the physical presence of guards in the security realm. We provide professionally trained and licensed uniformed or undercover security guards and patrol services to secure the perimeter of your property. We service a wide range of property types, including multi-tenant buildings, commercial properties, office buildings, condos, apartment buildings, public environments etc. For each client we serve and every security solution we provide, we custom-design our solution to meet and exceed their expectations.

Flex Point Security company vehicle used to provide mobile patrol security services in the Greater Toronto Area

Our Security Services Include:

Security Guards – To protect and restrain, prevent and protect people, areas and equipment within your facility, enforce regulations, provide first aid and ensure safety.

Patrol Guards – to restrain suspicious activity and ensure that all is safe and secure. Our perimeter security guards do a thorough search of the facility and surrounding grounds for any suspicious persons, unauthorized vehicles, vandalism or suspicious packages. We check locks, doors, alarms, timers or any other equipment that would need monitoring.

Our Security Services Include:​

Alarm Response Mobile Personnel – We will perform a comprehensive perimeter check of your property for signs of forced entry. Our security personnel will also check all perimeter doors, windows and gates for signs of tampering or forced entry.

Concierges – To screen visitors as they enter and exit your facility, watch video monitors, operate and respond to alarm and security systems.