Logistics Security

Protect Your Supply Chain

Cargo warehouses and logistic centres require oversight to ensure smooth distribution. Our highly trained guards thoroughly understand these environments and seamlessly integrate into your team. We work to protect your perimeter, deter internal theft and prevent shipping loss. Additionally we provide live HD security camera monitoring to proactively identify and de-escalate potential threats.

Close up of a Flex Point Security guard's arm and chest with a crane in the background at a logistics site

Multi-Layered Security

Strengthen your defense against supply chain interruptions with logistics security tailored to meet your needs. Take advantage of bundled security with:

Customized Security at Scale

Are you interested in a customized security plan? We’ll consult with you how best to integrate our highly trained guards into your business. Additionally, we are equipped to operate across multiple locations to consolidate your entire roster under one roof for added peace of mind.

Flex Point Security guard standing next to company vehicle as he monitors a logistics site

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