Construction Site Security

Properly Secured Property

Simply put, a construction site is a detail-oriented project. That said, there are moments when ‘organized chaos’ is the norm, and it’s our job to ensure more organization exists from a security standpoint. We provide on-site security to surveille property, mitigate disputes and ensure access monitoring. 

Flex Point Security guard providing construction site security services in the GTA

Construction Site Security Benefits

Construction job sites are clear targets for the theft and vandalism of tools, equipment and the property itself. Our construction site security officers bring the knowledge and real-world experience that can keep your assets safe. Our primary goal is to remove our clients’ headaches that stem from repair, replacement and lack of site security. Here’s how:

  • On-site patrol, all hours (Up to 24 hours a day/7 days a week if required)
  • Loitering prevention
  • Upholding Ontario’s “Trespass to Property Act”
  • Fast response time
  • Site surveillance and monitoring 
  • Traffic Control
  • Licensed Professionals

Interested in customizing your on-site security needs?

We’ll work with you to create a plan that’s ideal for your business.

Construction site in the Greater Toronto Area that requires 24/7 security services