How to Secure Your Home Using Neighbourhood Watch Services

We can protect your home so you can feel secure and safe at night. 

A white Flex Point Security vehicle patroling a neighbourhood at night

Neighbourhoods have never been more vulnerable, and there is only so much a homeowner can do to deter lawbreakers. Hiring security guards to perform nighttime neighbourhood watches is becoming common practice for homeowners worried about their property being stolen.

Interested in neighbourhood watch services?  Flex Point Security takes pride in preventing crime in neighbourhoods that are targets for break-ins, robberies and car thefts. Before you give us a call, let’s give you some more information on what our neighbourhood watch services can provide you and your home.

What are Neighbourhood Watch Services? 

Picture you and your neighbours teaming up with a professional security guard company, everyone working together to create a secure and welcoming environment with the ultimate goal of scaring away burglars. Overall, neighbourhood watch services provide homeowners with that extra layer of security by fostering a collaborative approach to community safety.

We will protect your neighbourhood using some or all of the following methods:

  • Mobile Patrol
  • CCTV Monitoring
  • Residential Concierge
  • Neighbourhood Watch Signs and Barriers
  • 24/7 Intercom Communication
  • Consistent Interaction with Homeowners
  • Collaboration with the Local Police Division

By leveraging the collective efforts of homeowners and security experts, neighbourhood watch services enhance the community’s infrastructure, assuring residents of a safer and more secure place to call home.

Benefits of Hiring Neighbourhood Watch Services

The collaborative efforts between homeowners and professional security guards create a powerful deterrent to criminal activity. By hiring neighbourhood watch security guards, you are being proactive, and this proactive approach will make you and your fellow neighbours more safe. Being proactive also means activating neighbourhood accountability, meaning you will give notice to your fellow neighbouring communities that they too should take responsibility for protecting the area.

Security guards can not only prevent crime but also offer valuable advice on personal safety and home security, empowering residents with the knowledge to safeguard their properties. By signing up for an organized neighbourhood watch program, you will learn methods and techniques that prevent crime, empowering you to safeguard on your own terms.

Do I Really Need Neighbourhood Watch? 

Yes, you do. Crime in the GTA and Toronto has risen, with Statistics Canada reporting a 15% increase in crime occurrences in 2022.

In 2022, a total of 9,771 automobiles were reported stolen in Toronto. This was an increase from 6,634 cars in 2021. As you can see from the chart below, car thefts have been rising each year since 2018.

Chart showing rate of rise in car thefts in Toronto

This is a trend that is impossible to ignore. We haven’t even touched upon the rising rates of home robberies: In 2023, breaking and entering charges have increased 18.9% from 2022, and robbery rates have increased to 8.1% (as of Sept 12th, 2023).

Flex Point Security is the GTA’s Leading Provider for Crime Prevention 

Embracing neighbourhood watch services is not just a choice for enhanced security; it’s an investment in the well-being and unity of your community. Our dedicated security guards will form a formidable defence against potential threats, creating a safe neighbourhood for you and your property.