Loss Prevention / Retail Security

Boosted Prevention Measures

Loss prevention is a valuable and necessary security service to any business. People steal, scam, become disgruntled and get injured in retail spaces, commercial property and countless types of workplaces. Flex Point Security has built a reputation for training and providing sought after Loss Prevention Officers (LPO). Our officers are trained extensively to problem solve specific loss prevention scenarios with best-practices. Our training is what sets us apart.

Flex Point Security guard writing on a notepad as he provides loss prevention security services at a retail store

Loss Prevention Benefits

Part of the services we offer our clients is the ability to assess threats, both internal and external. We know loss can occur in many ways, and it hurts a business every single time. Here are some of the advantages to having an LPO on your security program:

  • Risk identification not associated with shrink
  • Non-violent methods to approach disgruntled clients and employees
  • Situational de-escalation
  • Shrink mitigation
  • Liability and injury prevention

Customized Loss Prevention Security

Are you considering a way to add loss prevention security to your business? Let us know about your specific organizational challenge and budget parameters. We will be happy to work with you and cater to your unique situation and implement a customized loss prevention solution. Tell us more.

Flex Point Security guard providing loss prevention security services in Ontario

LPF Announces Flex Point Security as Newest Partner

The Loss Prevention Foundation (LPF) adds Flex Point Security as an associate level partner.


Investing in security to protect your home and family is a big decision, which why you should only hire trustworthy professionals. See what our other clients have to say about our security and customer service.

Getting Started With Flex Point Security

Implementing your custom security package is an easy 4-step process.

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4. Enjoy – enjoy your new security and peace of mind

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