Commercial Security

Commercial Space/Office Building & Business Park Security

We provide a visible on-site presence that serves to: de-escalate and mitigate potential or anticipated disputes between management, tenants, or the general public. Additionally, we provide access control to restricted areas when required. Unauthorized access is a significant threat to all businesses, large and small.

Construction Site Security

Construction equipment and valuable tools from buildings under construction are targets for job site theft and vandalism. Our construction site security officers are professionals having the expertise and experience that can keep your assets safe. We help identify and eliminate security problems on a commercial construction site, thereby saving our clients any downtime necessary for replacement or repair. Furthermore, we will:

  • Patrol the site after hours, or 24 hours a day, seven days a week if required
  • Evict anybody found loitering on the construction site (or otherwise breaching Ontario’s Trespass to Property Act) and prevent their return
  • Immediately respond to suspicious activity on-site according to customized client orders
  • Safeguard the site and its contents
  • Traffic control