Flex Point Security Can Help Keep Your Property Safe

A Flex Point Security guard standing with his arms crossed outside of an office building

As a business owner, the last thing you want is something of yours to be stolen. With over 30 years of experience, Flex Point Security offers various services to protect your property thoroughly. Here is a list of our services that will leave any property owner feeling satisfied.

Mobile Patrol Services

There is nothing safer than on-the-clock security. Mobile patrol gives you an on-site alarm response, limiting the potential for security breaches.

Flex Point Security can have trained and licensed security guards conduct regular checks around your property, patrolling the perimeter for as long as you’d like. Our guards can be uniformed or undercover and are trained to sniff out any suspicious activity. We provide customized security packages that serve any specific need–whatever needs protecting, we’ll be on the clock to protect it.

Video Surveillance

Flex Point Security offers advanced video surveillance systems, watching your property when you can’t. We use high-quality cameras that capture the tiniest details, ensuring all suspicious activity around your property is recorded. Installation is easy, and we’ll be around to monitor your property from our headquarters.

Fire Watch Security

When a fire breaks out, or if the alarms are blaring for some reason, it’s crucial to have a response system in place. Flex Point Security will protect anyone and anything in the event of a fire or emergency—24 hours, 7 days a week.

Our security guards are trained to think on the fly and react with confidence and poise. Your property matters to us, so we’ll be the calm presence you need when an emergency strikes.

Parking Enforcement

Manage parking traffic and disorderly behaviours by having our trained parking enforcement staff monitor your parking areas. Adding parking enforcement ensures a level of public safety and keeps your business, events, and services in order. For any unruly parkers or drivers, just note that we are authorized to give parking infraction notices.

On-Site Security Guards

Flex Point Security will protect what matters most to you, whether on a residential area, office space, construction site, or commercial property. If your property needs a more hands-on approach to security, we’ll employ a visible, on-site presence for as long as you need it. Our guards are trained and licensed to handle various security threats and are equipped with the necessary tools to keep your property safe.

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