5 Reasons Why You Should Hire Licensed Security Guards in Ontario

A licensed Flex Point Security guard in full uniform standing and speaking with a student in an outdoor setting

With the rising number of security threats in Ontario, companies need to have a security strategy to protect their assets, employees, and clients. One of the most critical components of a security strategy is hiring licensed security guards.

Licensed security guards undergo rigorous training and certification to perform their duties effectively. They can be a visible obstacle to criminals, effectively respond to emergencies, and save businesses money in the long run. In this insight, Flex Point Academy will share 5 reasons why hiring licensed security guards in Ontario is important.
Reason #1: You Will Get The Best Security Service
Licensed security guards undergo a mandatory 40-hour training program and pass a licensing exam covering legal powers and responsibilities, use of force, emergency response, and customer service. Hiring licensed security guards ensures you have the knowledge and skills on site to handle different situations effectively.

Reason #2: Licensed Security Guards Offer Visible Protection
A licensed security guard’s mere presence can prevent crimes and provide a sense of safety to employees and customers. Criminals are less likely to attempt to break into or vandalize property if they see a security guard in their way. Having security guards in full uniform shows a first line of defence for criminals–making them think twice before breaking in.
Reason #3: Quick and Effective Emergency Response
Licensed security guards are trained to respond to emergencies and incidents effectively and efficiently. In case of a fire, natural disaster, or other emergency, security guards can assist people and coordinate with emergency responders. In addition, security guards can handle security incidents such as theft, assault, and vandalism by identifying perpetrators, gathering evidence, and contacting law enforcement.
Reason #4: You Will Save Yourself From Potential Losses
Hiring licensed security guards can save businesses money in the long run. By preventing crimes and responding to incidents productively, security guards can minimize losses due to theft, damage, or lawsuits. Additionally, having a professional security team can enhance the reputation of a business and attract customers who value safety and security.
Reason #5: Being More Compliant With the Law
All businesses must follow the regulations set by the Ontario Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services (MCSCS). Licensed security guards are aware of their legal powers and responsibilities, including the use of force and arrest procedures. They can ensure that businesses are operating within the bounds of the law, which can help prevent legal liabilities and protect businesses from potential lawsuits.
Flex Point Security Has Licensed Security Guards For Your Business
Hiring licensed security guards is crucial for Ontario businesses and organizations that want to ensure the safety and security of their enterprise. By hiring licensed security guards, companies can benefit from their expertise, training, and ability to provide a visible deterrent to criminal activities. Not to mention, security guards can respond to emergencies and incidents effectively, saving money in the long run.
Flex Point Security offers trained and licensed security guards for any business in need of protecting their assets. For a quote, visit our contact page and let us know what you need.